1. Do a Research

Travel-Tips-300x160 TWO USEFUL TRAVELLING TIPS THAT YOU NEED TO DO  BEFORE LEAVING FOR VACATIONBefore you are leaving, it is necessary to research about the ticket fee, the lodge, the tourism sites that you want to visit, the operational time of public transportation, and also the details of places where the crime usually happens in order to avoid unfortunate things happen. The first thing that you need to research is the ticket price to your destination and also the price of the lodge. You may find the promoted ticket price if you try to research from a long time before your vacation schedule as well as the lodge, the inn, or even the hotel that you are interested to stay. It means you may save your budget for other operational fee. Secondly, it is better to check and know more about the price and also operational time of public transportation so that you may know the precise fee of the public transport. It is important to know the precise fee of the public transport so that you will not be tricked by bad local people. Knowing the operation time of public transport is also highly necessary because you will know when is the best time for you to visit the tourism sites by using public transport because using local public transport is cheaper. Besides, you may also experience the life style of local people who live at the place that you visit by taking the public transport. This kind of experience might make your vacation experience more enjoyable and full of memory. Thirdly, it is also crucial to know the ticket price of tourism sites and the fee to ride the vehicles that the sites have. You may research about the tourism sites first, and then looking for the price of them. The last is to do the research for places where crime usually happens. When people travel to spend their vacation, they tend to find some relaxation and absolutely to get some fun. In order to make your vacation free of unfortunate things that might be possible happen, it is important to prevent them by checking the places where crimes usually take place. Tourists are basically being the targets for bad local people to get more money. There are many cases when tourists experience robbery, fraud, rape, and several kind of unpleasant and inconvenient experience. Thus, checking the route that should not be taken is important to make you free from possible unfortunate things during your vacation. You may do the researches trough internet, or you may ask your friends or colleagues who might have visited the place before you to find any reputable and reliable recommendation.

  1. Make a Tour Plan and Estimated Budget

When you plan your vacation, it is highly recommended to make a tour plan and complete estimated budget by considering your amount of money and amount of your travelling time. Your tour plan and estimated budget will also become a crucial part of your travelling plan when you spend your vacation in a country or place that you are not familiar with before. Usually, when people travel to another city or even another country, they will like to visit more than one particular place in the country or city. Basically, a city or a country even has more than 3 destinations which are worthy to visit and this causes making a tour plan and estimated budget important so that you can adjust well your schedule, your next destination, your lodge, your meal, and other expenses that you need to spend during your vacation. In your tour plan, you have to make sure that you have arranged your tour plan from the morning, going to the tour destination, and even until the time you need to go back to your hotel or inn. In several cases, you might face a situation or condition where you cannot follow your plan exactly as what it is and you need to be flexible at the end. Your plan might not be 100% can be executed through several unexpected circumstances, but at least you have made a tour plan, so that you will not be lost in the middle way in order to organize your vacation. There are some cases when people spend too much money in one spot of tourism site or spend too much in a particular restaurant and then have no money to go back to their inn. Thus, making a tour plan and estimated budget first before you go to vacation is considered important.

Spending your vacation peacefully and having a great moment to be remembered when you go back home is everyone’s expectation. That is why doing the two tasks above is highly recommended.

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